Memorable Experiences By Passionate Locals

We know you’ve got things you’d love to do, places you’d love to see, cultures you’d love to jump into and adventures to experience and remember forever.

Rincones de Mi País have a wide variety of itineraries specially curated to have a balance in nature and culture. We strive to showcase in all of our tours the rich cultural expressions as well as the unique natural beauty and biodiversity of our island. As true believers in sustainable tourism, we work as much as possible with the most remote communities, being them core part of your experience. Tours are led by our expert guides, locals with a deep knowledge of their region.

Flexible or assisted, you can have as much or as little help from us as you want. It’s up to you. You set your time, look for tours and activities that match your interests and probably we’ve got something that you love. But serving special needs or customized solutions, that’s where we shine!

Our itineraries, are made with the heart with you in our mind.


Responsible travel

You should know that we treat local people with respect and fairness. When you really treat the locals well they allow you to get closer to their culture, its people and its nature. That is good for them and good for you. A win-win relationship with the guaranteed economic spillover that fosters the economic development of communities


Why Us?

Because you want to enjoy your holidays from the hands of local experts who’ll show you the nature and culture of the corners of their country with fun and adventure. We’re here to help you have unforgettable vacations, not just dream about them.