Puerto Plata the Bride of the Atlantic

Undoubtedly the most complete destination of the Island. Puerto Plata province is plenty of options in culture, nature and adventure that will make you enjoy the best holidays in Dominican Republic.

There’s much about Puerto Plata to enjoy, however – particularly  the city’s famous Malecón, a 2km promenade bordering the Atlantic Ocean, the Old City (or Zona Colonial), a narrow grid of streets that was once the most stylish neighbourhood in the country.

Its highlights include Fortaleza San Felipe, the only impressive vestige of colonial times in one of the oldest European settlements of the New World; the often rather dilapidated Victorian gingerbread mansions that make an outdoor museum of the Old City; and the Museo de Ámbar, with its impressive display of prehistoric insects trapped in the translucent sap. A little to the south lies the cable-car station for the ride to the summit of Mount Isabela de Torres, the flat-topped behemoth that lords over the city from the south.

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Best Season:All Year Round
Popular Location: Cable Car, La Isabela Historical, Cabarete, Paradise Island

Puerto Plata Tours

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